Halotherapy and Airborne Illnesses

Mar 04 2021

Halotherapy and Airborne Illnesses

Halotherapy and Common Airborne Illnesses

It’s approximated that about 300 million people suffer from some type of airborne illness annually. These illnesses spread through microparticles dispersed into the air. Infected patients can spread contagions as far as 6ft.  Medical treatment is usually sought out to help treat these illnesses once they’re contracted, but these medical options do not work to prevent said illnesses. If you’ve come down with an illness such as the flu, medical professionals may suggest bed rest and fluid intake as your only treatment. 

What Is Halotherapy 

The practice of halotherapy dates back to the early 1900s founded in Eastern European salt mines. Miners began to experience phenomena such as having an easier time breathing and even having clearer skin. Halotherapy is becoming more and more popular as the years stretch on. Now with modernized technology, the therapy is practiced in a room that mimics a salt cave, as a machine called a halogenerator disperses microparticles of salt into the air. It is believed that the particles contain many beneficial health components. 

What Makes Salt So Beneficial?

Salt is what we like to call the little element who could. Although the salty element is used for a plethora of other things, it is most commonly known for the mighty antibacterial and anti-inflammatory components it holds. What makethe slas an element considered antibacterial, is its ability to inhibit the development of current bacteria, as well as preventing reproduction. Records show the beneficial properties of salt were utilized for thousands of years before salt officially became an element on the periodic table in 1807; added by a chemist who went by Davy.

How Does Halotherapy Help Treat Airborne Illnesses? 

One of the most common symptoms, when you catch any airborne illness, is having your nasal passages become congested and even inflamed. Uncontrollable coughing and blowing your nose will just make the inflammation worse. The idea of halotherapy is to inhale and absorb the microparticles of salt found within the cave. Once you inhale these particles, the anti-inflammatory components of the salt get to work. The salt helps your immune system break down built-up mucus which eventually allows you to expel it from your system. With that being said, even after you fall ill, the symptoms you may be experiencing with these illnesses are often not as severe or even completely eliminated with the practice of Halotherapy. Due to the fact you’re experiencing fewer symptoms, you’re able to get better rest; thus helping your body heal itself faster.

How Does Halotherapy Help In The Prevention Of Airborne Illnesses

Halotherapy is a wonderful way to give your immune system a little boost. While salt is a fantastic anti-inflammatory agent, its antibacterial properties work wonders. When the salt works its way into your respiratory system, it begins to not only break down mucus but also helps expel any bacteria that has been festering. By regularly clearing out and detoxifying your respiratory system, you will eventually have an easier time breathing; allowing more oxygen to flow through your body. This will not only make you feel healthier but will also give you more energy throughout your daily life. Regular halotherapy sessions are recommended for optimal results. 

Halotherapy has been practiced and recognized as beneficial for thousands of years. It not only makes your skin clear but helps heal you from the inside out. Halotherapy is a wonderful option to help you expel that last bit of bacteria that are making you feel ill, or even a great option to prevent sickness altogether. Book your session today!

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